Stutter when turning the camera or attacking

My friend on Windows 11 is having the weirdest issue. The performance of the game was fine for ages, and just recently he get stutters when turning or attacking. If he stands still or moves forward/backward, no issues at all.

His rig:
11th Gen Intel i7 11800H 2.3g GHz
Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
16 gigs of ram
The game is installed on a SSD

Any idea what could be causing this issue? It is so strange it’s only when he turns or attacks. It happens on all quality settings.

Hi @Visulth,

That’s unusual! :thinking:

A few thoughts -

Are his GPU drivers all up to date?

Does the issue still occur if he changes Direct X versions?

Also, does disabling the Steam Overlay have any effect?

Thank you, looks like disabling steam overlay fixed it…

(GPU driver updating / direct x versions didn’t appear to have an effect)

Totally bizarre. I don’t envy figuring out why the heck that’s the cause, haha.

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Glad to hear disabling the Steam overlay worked :grin:

Had the same issue happen after a few games, yet to confirm if I can make it appear again or if Steam Overlay was the cause.

I would say it was the fourth or fifth quick play game when it happened for me, I was not the host friend was.

CPU usage was high but not unusual, GPU usage was low and VRAM not full, RAM usage normal.
Turning very slowly was fine but anything normal speed stuttered down to 40 fps and more (from more than 140)

Slightly more powerful hardware, and not a laptop
RTX 3060 Ti with 516.94 drivers

Managed to replicate with Steam Overlay disabled, again after ~5 games. Alt tabbing might have played a part in causing the issue.

Noted, thank you for the information!

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