Stuck spots in Ubersreik

Issue Summary:
Found a spot to get stuck in each of the Ubersreik maps.

In Engines finale, on top of the crates with the healing stuff.

In Horn, after the exploded gate and market square, PoV from the spot.

In Garden, before the hedge maze, next to a crypt usually including a few resources.

Found another one in Engines: at the drop to the bombing area, you can fall behind the platforms.

Again, PoV from the spot.

Yeah I posted this one with a video, being stuck behind the platform. Another clan mate also got stuck on those same gravestones, but was able to get off them using their ulti.

In Horn of Magnus there is a little chapel with a grimoire up top. On either side of that chapel is a pair of benches. Between one pair of the benches there is a pair of stools. You can get stuck between those stools. I should know, I did it.

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