Stuck in Crates

I don’t have any videos or screenshots but in 4 separate occasions on different maps me or another player has become stuck between the crates in a perpetual fall. Seems to be anywhere there are crates where items can spawn near, the knee/thigh high crates specifically. Sorry I don’t have more than that.

Been getting stuck between crates, too. Just hoping for hook rats to drag us out whenever we get stuck

Two more spots I encountered here:

Not a great picture, it’s the foresty/rafter-y level (this is by the lower swampish area, near one of the dead end paths near the big ramps) just before a few half-submerged houses

(Convocation of Decay tunnel area after Helmgart Keep variant in Pit of Reflections)

In Holseher’s tower there’s a spot where you can get stuck on the brazier.

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