Strike team level display

Issue Description:
In a strike team (at least with 2 members), the others are shown as having the same level as me.
Ie, me and a friend played a few games last night, on my screen we were both lvl 20, on his we were both lvl 14.
Steps to Reproduce:
Join a strike team and ask the others what lvl they really are.

Player ID:
Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
All evening, cet, nov 24th

Reproduction Rate:

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Same issue. Dirt hit level 30 last mission. Seems to post all levels from current player, as I was 24 before this as well.

Same issue. It looks like it is displaying the same level of other members of strike team after you level up in the finished mission. My friends on the strike team had the same issue, the saw all the others with their actual lvl, which was 23 and 13. I did hit lvl 25.