Stormvermin Running Stab Hitbox Bug

Stormvermin have two running attacks. One is a running swipe, the other is a running stab. Both attacks have the same hitbox.

Comparison of hitboxes recording:

The red boxes represent the hitboxes.

Image of the running stab hitbox (at 0:03 in the recording):

Image of the running swipe hitbox (at 0:10 in the recording):

This hitbox is appropriate for the running swipe, but not the running stab.

For reference, here’s the overhead hitbox (at 0:20 in the recording):

Note how the overhead’s hitbox is narrow, which is appropriate for the type of attack it is visually.

Attempting to dodge it, slightly too early timing with the Rapier + Charmed Life (1.45 dodge range) recording:

The attack is difficult to dodge even with a massive dodge range. I imagine it’s very annoying as a client.

The hitboxes were displayed with the melee weapon arcs mod.


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