Stormsorcerer while fighting the Gatekeeper

Don’t read if you havn’t played the Skittergate mission.

Right now i managed it to finish every level with the bots on champion, except for the skittergate.
Often it ends while fighting the Gatekeeper. With bots every chaos spawn is a big problem, if you don’t have enough stuff to free them if they get grabbed.
But this is not the biggest issue i have.
Nearly every time if fight him, there spawns a chaossorcerer. I only have very rarely problems with chaossorcerer. But in this particular bossfight i never manage it to spott this guy (Often i get chased by the chaos spawn).
As soon as the storm is up you nearly have no room to retreat. Often there are already some CW and marauders right behind the arena so i can’t even leave it.
If no Chaossorcerer spawns, the boss fight is no problem.

My questions are:

  • Do you have problems in this fight too because of chaossorcerer?
  • Can you give me a tip from where they come in?

I’ve seen them there, makes it super difficult. They usually spawn up on the ledges and hills above the arena and are tough to see, especially since sometimes they make the storm and then teleport away somewhere else.

The best way to beat this boss is to kill him fast before other things spawn (preferable before he turns into a spawn) and that is really hard with bots!

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