Stop nerfing plz?

My comment was responding to Ony, not you, just to be clear.

I see you point. I actually don’t think we should be stronger as time being. I hate inflation becuase it makes people hard to return.

There are people who want to be stronger for fun sake. I know and it seems also fun to me. But this game doesn’t have such kind of item to be stronger. Unless this is not grinding game, this idea wouldn’t work imo.

If they say that they nerfed based on static, that can be a reason. But it can’t be the absolute standard. People just can play those for fun. Not everyone play something only because it’s OP especially on pve game.
However my point is not these things.

My point is ‘Fatshark style nerf’
They usually nerf twice making something unusable. They overnerfed kaboom and it’s so weaker than other talent.
There are a lot of example like this.

I’m saying that merc is one of these.
As DR being multiplicative, walk it off has been nerfed. But they nerfed walk it off again and made this talent so weak.

There were a lot of nerf during WOM.
Biggest DLC should increse player base though… after WOM player base decreased. 50% was exaggeration though, it was of course failed DLC regaring player base. Balancing of WOM was masterpiece of ‘elitists’ so I was talking about this.

I hope Fatshatk do reasonable nerf after all. Please don’t overnerf or double nerf. This is what i meant.

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Yes, I remember this one. Sadly not very much data. But thx for the effort : )

I hoped that they recently released a some bigger table showing which difficulties are played, character and weapons picked. Would be interesting to see.

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The playercount around WoM was rather (according to steamcharts) going up by nearly 100%, followed by a drop of about 65% and two months later stable and just as good, but rising compared to on average in the entire time since shortly after launch.
The last 30d average (4.3k) was last reached pre wom in march 19, if you want to go further back sept/july 18.

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I never said there was data - I said it was undisclosed. I was referring to the fact the FS claims to use pickrates as a guide for balancing stuff.

I think people are overreacting about the power creep. Apart from Unchained’s new talent there’s and maybe wide charge, there’s nothing game breaking that’s been introduced. Everything has just been put on or near the same level as the previous meta choices.

There’s also a good number of ways to increase the difficulty for yourself: use a less powerful talent, play a career you’re not familiar with, play QP, play weaves, do deeds, maybe buy WoM and play Cataclysm or use modded difficulties.

Once the Chaos Wastes DLC is out in another couple months we’ll probably get another BBB and maybe new challenges and ways to make the game more difficult.

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And I think people are overreacting to nerfs.

For which I still waiting for a tone-down adjustment. But instead people are making ridiculous demands as for making it career default O.o

The general balance should be adressed to quickplay so that you have other players with you. So half your suggestions don’t work out as you either play alone or in a pre-made team. And in quickplay I still have three other players who can abuse power creep. So power creep should not be a thing.
Also there are easy possibilities to decrease the difficulty for oneself. Noteworthy, they can do this while still being within quickplay games, instead of having to dodge to modded realm or pre-made teams.

Ok, i was going to make a long post, but here are some things to think about.

Cata was for the 2% elitist. So if you are playing you are supposed to be one. And if “elitist” find that it is to easy and that the answer is still to go to modded, that prove they did not listen to them… Instead we go ennemy need and class powercreep (but nice ideas notheless)

I heard beginners go to legend because lower difficulty are empty…

All games PvP or PvE have hard to reach content. If everybody is expected to go to Cata, give everybody 120 wave and Fow border…

Finally if everybody is supposed to solo carry, if every weapon is supposed to do it all, then why would you need a team. Those doing solo run are not only showing there skill, but that this is not in its current state a team game. Cata with a team is not fun.
And when playing higher content, you can no longer do it all. Promoting no need to do it all weapons is promoting a solo game over a team game… That s why they deserved a nerf.

This is exactly the point. Once again, you want left click spam and Bering strong? Go down the difficulty ladder. That s here for that. If you want to learn and improve, face more challenge. Then go up the ladder.
If you want skins (because reds are quite useless so only skin matters here) , well, work for it.

Or… If I want to apply the twisted logic about “elitist” go modded you can drop whatever skin you want …

Stop buffing everything plz.

Even small nerf and ppl cry because their way too good weapon got little nerfed (but still gonna be best in category).

Stop being elitist

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it’s important to keep in mind that balance usually requires a mixture of buffs and nerfs and which depends on a case by case basis

Yes we’ve seen mostly buffs in this beta
Yes we’ve seen a handful of nerfs

Has the meta been turned completely upside down? No, no it hasn’t
Are there many more viable options now? yes, yes there are
Are things all as powerful as pre-nerf meta weapons? No, not really

Only weapons I can think of that have hit meta status that weren’t meta before would be 2h axe and Glaive


Falchion is ok too imo, but with rapier around …
Elf 1h Sword is quite potent too.

And i guess we could make a case for blunderbuss :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Shade and Merc “are not fine right now”, They are one of the strongest characters in the game ATM, next too WHC and BW.

Shade can instantly delete Bosses, and Patrols, while having overall amazing elite damage.

Merc has the strongest melee hordeclear in the game with good elite damage due to Xsword, Amazing ranged options, great THP generation/tankyness and teamwide utility in the form off his Knockback and THP ult, he can further increase this with teamwide damage reduction.

Merc can take Barkskin / Blade barrier / Walk it off, and just facetank every single hit with his massive amount of THP.


lets use waystalker and shade as an example here.

both of them have assassin stagger talent, what does assassin benefit from? you guessed it, crits and headshots.
what weaponst have high crit chance and easy to get headshots with? correct again, its dual daggers and sword&dagger.
did these weapons get nerfed and did they have a high pickrate? yes, due to simply being the overall best elf weapon and having good synergy with both careers.

lets use merc as an example this time.

his pre BBB level 30 talents were something like this:

40% dmg reduction for 10 sec
45% cooldown reduction, but no thp
revive allies with ult

which talent do you think look best in most situations? it is indeed 40% dmg reduction, do you know why? its because one is bad and the other is very situational where it might not even be useful the entire mission. why would people willingly pick something that is good in a few situations or something that removes half of the thing your ult is supposed to do?

this is a common occurance where many careers have some bad talents or weapons so that the same talents arnd weapons are used my most players since the rest is bad. fatshark believe that high pickrate=strong/op, which is far from the truth. look at huntsman too now, he was overtuned in bbb, but now he feels severely nerfed where he lost most of his sure shot stacks, have a harder time to get sure shot stacks and headshots feels less rewarding since he lost his 1 ammo on headshot passive (which forces even more into using conservative shooter) something people should be against since it removes choice. non headshots also feels like a waste of ammo since all the bonuses are gained from headshots.

do you think a weapon or talent should be nerfed when all the other options are objectively just bad?


Using your example off merc, buffing his weaker ult options, would result in power creep. His 40% DR was incredibly strong, one of the best talents in the entire game. Bringing the other options up to par, would only make him even stronger.


This would be the case in any situation unless they buffed the other 2 options to absolutely absurd levels. Walk it Off needed nerfing and it’s still one of the best (if not the best) option even after the nerf.

He’s stronger now still than he was pre-BBB so idk what you’re complaining about there.

That’s…that’s always been Huntsman’s identity

What needs nerfing and buffing is something that needs to be considered on a case by case basis.


this looks contradictory to what you said now.

if something is used a lot then its too good in your words, but then you say that we should look at the reasons for why it has such a high pickrate. also it would be nice if you would answer on stuff about waystalker and shade.

There’s nothing contradictory in what I said.

That’s not what I said

Sure, the Dual Daggers and Sword and Dagger nerfs were justified.


then what do you mean with this?

so you are in favour of nerfing the only good weapons when all the others are bad?

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