Steam will not run darktide

When I try to run darktide from steam it does not run. If I run the application from the application location, sometimes it runs in a strange, none full-screen “window” that sicks to the top of my screen partially obscured or not at all.

Wrong forum section bud :wink:

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This is the VT2 versus section.

In before the devs though:

Did you try removing mods and verifying game files?

If so send a dxdiag report and such.

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There could be a bunch of reasons for this unfortunately. Please see:

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Specifically what worked is the last steps: [Steam] Delete Darktide AppData & Verify Integrity of Game Files (both in steam and in your File Explorer, Ensure Permissions Are Consistent, Anti-Virus/Firewall, Disable Background Applications and Ensure Permissions Are Consistent.
If you have a similar issue, do those steps.

Yeah, I tried verifying the files but what worked was a combination of steps from the fat shark tech support [PC] How to Resolve Darktide Launcher Issues “list”. Funny thing I deleted the mods months ago in anticipation of this type of issue.