Staves need meaningful melee

Right now staves do a fairly meaningless but high stagger smack… Let’s change that to be something meaningful

I’d like to see staves do either an element themed melee or a ground slam type of move that doesn’t cost much peril

Here are my suggestions:

Surge should work like a shock baton, quickly shocking a mob and CC’ing it for 3 seconds

Purgatus should do a ground based AOE circle of fire that lasts on the ground for 5 seconds or just a wall of soulfire for area denial

Void should be a melee attack that is channeled that allows you to drain a targets life for a moment -before blasting them backwards upon release

Trauma should be a channeled larger circumference ground attack knocks surrounding mobs down like the veterans shout


I would settle for them just adding the secondary effect to the strike and maybe boosting it for concentrating the blast on one target…although it would be pretty cool to see a trauma staff blast directed sideways as directed cone AOE. Suggestions might be

Voidstrike: concentrated blast
Surge: Concentrated injected surge
Trauma: Cone AOE
Purge: Injected Soul Fire

The injected blasts could explode target with their particular element.

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Please, this. Staves are often psyker’s melee weapon in lore, let us use it as one! This is a good suggestion.

Would be cool to see a melee stave as well

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