Stats Summary on Hero Equipment Interface

Hey guys,

Would be great as a crafter and hero gear optimiser to have clear indicators and gear summary. There is a lot of unused space on the Hero Equipment interface that could be used for this purpose.

#1 - As a gear optimiser, it would be good to see a summary of stats from gear applied to the currently selected Hero. You could do that below the Hero’s 3D modell

#2 - As a crafter, and to the same extent gear optimiser, rarity colour indicators around the five item slots to show what quality each item is

#3 - To compliment the above, given that the Hero’s power contribution is the average of all gear, additional colouring/shading indicator could be enabled, or made as part of the UI, to indicate how well the slotted item contributes to the average. For example, some kind of red shading to show the item is weighing the average down.

The above may appear as “nice to haves” but if you combine the current Equipment UI with the Crafting UI, you find yourself constantly going back an d forth then having to mouse over a million things. It makes crafting a bit crazy on the brain (and time consuming when you have party members waiting for you to be ready).

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