Stat minimum rolls

I’ll keep this one brief but basically right now there’s a problem with the store and also Melk’s limited acquisitions almost never offering the (extremely important) high ‘raw’ stats (the percentage bars) to justify purchasing them. Once you acquire weapon a Modifier roll of a certain value all subsequent generated weapons should at least match that roll. e.g. Once you get a weapon with 350 across all its raw stat modifiers all future weapons from Emp’s gifts and both stores would have at minimum 350 across their own modifiers, though obviously the spread would likely not be the same. This would immediately massively reduce the amount of garbage clogging both storefronts by establishing a competitive floor for weapon performance.

The second problem is that damage is the most important stat by an enourmous margin on 99.9% of weapons. Outside of a scant few exceptions I don’t even look at a weapon’s other stats if it rolled less than 75% damage unless I’m just grabbing it to rip its blessing off whenever that gets added to the game. I’d honestly just make damage a guaranteed max roll for every weapon generated from now on so that players can focus on how weapons’ other secondary characteristics stack up, obviously there will be new be all end alls for most weapons but they’ll likely be at least somewhat less oppressively so than Damage is now.