Specials spawns

Fatshark we who tested the 1.05 did a lot feedback about how broke were specials spawns. And now you put 1.05 live, with nothing fixed.
We have the same situation as it was before the fix in 1.04. Take a look into it pls


Just got wrecked earlier on legend by a Boss and horde and a few specials spawing within the same 20 seconds.
So exactly the thing causing the most problems remains unchanged. Perhaps there are even more lines of code missing, who even knows at this point?
Fix the bloody game.


yes too many gutter runners out there.

I haven’t played since the patch dropped. Is it that busted?

Like they never changed a thing. Though there much more disabling specials spawning during a horde.
So I guess they made it worse, actually.

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Haven’t gotten the wipe-trifecta yet, was getting monster + horde or horde + specials simultaneously though still, which was fine, gotta play more to test this director tweak tho

I’ll have to play a few games and see if anything changed on my end. Sounds scary!

well on the other end, hordes are back to being complete fodder that every weapon swings through like butter and elites are back to not mattering as they get staggered and stunlocked endlessly.

Just played Empire in Flames and had an incredible special spawn.
Before i was throug the first Gate i met.

  • 1 Gas Rat
  • 2 Storm sorcerer (At the same time)
  • 1 Packmaster
  • 1 Gutter runner
  • 5 Chaos warrior(The two at the front gate included)
  • Several of these other big chaos guys
  • 1 Boss (Stormfiend)

The level continued like that.
While i was walking throug the cellar i met:

  • 3 Flamethrower (2 At the same time)
  • 1 Leach
  • 1 Packmaster
  • 1 Gutter runner

When i came out of the cellar two rattling gunner spawned right next to the exit and opened fire, downing all of my AI teammates.

I died later in the level. Was pretty insane. But it actually happend the first time to me. It was like i was playing one of the deeds with incresed spawn rate of specials

What difficulty?

dunno the other, but im talking about legend. Looking at the previous description of what happened it looks like an “usual” legend ai director

I played on champion

Same issue on Champ screaming bell; 3 packmasters, 2 globes, blightstomer, flamer and chaos warrior all within a few seconds of each other along with first horde.

lol seriously? last time I checked champ even in beta 1.05 was a walk in the park.

Btw just finished a legend run in festering, nearly wiped twice by patrols, one unavoidable jump up in the wooden canyon section.
For the other, we were in the last swamp part, with 2 pats around, 1 aggroed+bile troll. We managed to finish it only because an handmaiden used her ult to lose aggro and jump into the last section to revive the rest of us

for some of you that are encountered increased spawns - you might want to restart your client if you have done a deed with those modifiers before. there’s a bug where future hosted games will STILL have those modifiers on. makes for fun runs tho!


Well damn, this explains a lot about why the Director was f****** us so hard lastnight! lmao


Linking threads: http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/too-many-specials-on-every-game-mode/21106/ and http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/spawn-director-is-senselessly-spawning-specials-v1-05/21301/

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Glad to see a whole patch did fhuk all do solve these important issues.

Come on now, it fixed a ton of things. There will be more patches!

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problem is this was ok in 1.04, beside even then sometimes ai director goes on rampage and wipe teams. But with the 1.05 they just overwrited the previous semi-hotfix they did with it.
For instance, i didnt have the opportunity yet in live, but in beta 1.05 halescourge boss had a rollback to the previous absurd mechanics

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