Specials spawns bugged on Rightouse stand arena?

Just did a legend game to test some bots loadout and i saw kerrilian killing 5 specials with her career ability at once (leech, 2xassassins, blightstormer and a gas rat), the gate was at like 75% open (just a bit higher than jump height was left) while just before i killed double assassin.

On this screenshot you can see my damage taken thanks to the UI tweak mod, that damage taken was done by 1 assassin (i killed another meanwhile) and you can see on the debuff timer that it happened 3-4 secondes ago (the debuff takes 10 secondes to disapear and refresh at every damage taken).

This leads me to suspect double spawns bug issue or specials getting stuck, also there was was no sound cue for any of those specials :thinking:

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