Specialist audio won't play inside doors

Issue Description:
Specialists can become active in spawn doors and even start their attacks from behind it, but the audio won’t start until they are actually outside of the door. This makes it seem like specialist do instant attacks out of nowhere with no warning.
Not sure if it’s a bug, but feels like it. They should have sound when they become active, even when behind doors.

See vid for more explanation:

As you can see the Burster becomes inactive after teleporting (which makes sense with the illusion of time) but he doesn’t make any sound until he’s out the door MID JUMP. He should make a sound when he starts moving again.

I’m sure this is true for all special but this was a good example

Sorry for the youtube audio that’s mixed in, hadn’t set up my audio channels properly when using shadowplay.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Find Specialist and which door they will come out from
  2. Notice sound only appears when the specialist is outside of it.