Special Vendor Rework Please


Firstly, I know, this is a BETA but I wanted to give some feedback regarding thhe title. So, I don’t think this is too crazy to say, but the current special vendor with the rotating stock of four potentially tasty items feels a bit off-kilter in its current implementation.

With most master-crafted items being 2K+ in cost, it makes it so that with the current amount of tokens per week, a player will only be able to purchase one item (assuming it’s the MC stuff) every two weeks (per character? I am guessing it’s not shared). This seems pretty crazy to me.

I see a few options for improvements.

  • Lower the cost of the items (although I don’t think this is sustainable)

  • Increase the token output for the existing missions

  • Change the way the tokens are issued (more tokens on ‘better’ measurable performance)

  • Make more missions available (monthly, weekly, daily)

Probably a mix of the above would be the sweet spot. Any thoughts?