Spawns within LoS are bad because they break immersion

I know this has been talked about in other threads, but I wanted to make my own because I think the topic deserves its own thread and because I think my feelings might be different than other peoples’. I don’t think the problem with spawns dropping on top of players is that it’s unfair. As a Vermintide 1 veteran, I like the uphill ‘unfair’ battles. But Vermintide 1, and Left 4 Dead on which it’s based, rarely spawned things directly in your line of sight compared to VT2. For me, this made the fights more immersive and generally satisfying because it was easy to suspend my disbelief and forget that everything was being managed by an omnipotent ai spawning things off screen. When a bunch of stuff spawns in my line of sight, or when I can catch glimpses of monsters being dropped into the horizon, that immersion is completely broken and the whole fight starts to feel like a shallow attempt by the ai to overcome the team.

This is something that was glitchy in the first few months of V1s lifespan as well. More than likely to get fixed.

A much bigger problem is the LoD, which these spawns seem to be taking into account. The amount of popin in this game is unbelievable. I can deal with a horde airdropping into existence, but when an entire barricade just comes into being one plank at a time… or, hell, the statue of Sigmar in the Keep cant stay within LOD range either if you go to the bridge.

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