Spawn rates in New PS4 patch

Hello, I’ve been playing Vermintide 2 for a while, I have on both Ps4 and PC, but play mostly on Ps4 because I find playing with a controller more comfortable, and the PC version, for whatever reason, doesn’t have different controller button layout options, and I’m a Bumper Jumper (if you can add the option for PC, it would be great). It’s has definitely been the most played game that I have for the last year, and I pretty much only play on legend, but I have noticed these changes on champion as well when I was (trying to) help a friend carry newer player.

In regards to the new game play changes, I do like how elites spawn in with Hoards now, it helps the hoards feel more varied and dangerous, changes the dynamic between AP and CC characters during a horde and is a welcomed change. I’m not a fan of much of the other changes because the core game play, which was the best part of the game, doesn’t feel as fun. But that has been beaten to death on the forums.

I’m wondering if the increased spawn rate, of generally everything, is intended or if it’s a glitch or some value issue with the AI director?

The spawn rate now in legend, but even the handful of champion games that I played , seem to be much higher than before the patch. At first I thought that was just how it was supposed to be, but I played a Legend deed with increased the Spawn Rates and increased specials modifiers, and I truly couldn’t tell a difference between the deed and the normal map. And actually the deed which played on Empire In Flames, had actually less Spawns (both hoards and specials) than Athel Yenlui on a normal custom game/quick play.

There is only about 30secs between the end of one hoard and the beginning of another. On top of that while one type of special would usually spawn in pairs on Legend runs, they now spawn in 3s and rarely in 4s, and 2 or 3 types can spawn at once. I have never killed so many rats, elites and specials per run, the game as a result just feels hectic now as opposed to the controlled chaos it used to have.

When you stack the increased enemy health, increased enemy attack tracking, increased enemy numbers, and decreased reliability of dodging, its makes for a much more difficult game. I know most of those changes are intended, I’m just wondering if it was intentional to make spawns for normal runs, the same a deed level runs?

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