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Some sounds are missing on my side. Notably on hero selection menu but more importantly in game, no audio cues about specials presence (globadier steam sound, gatling and flamer metallic sounds).
Hookrat swinging skulls, Assassin whispers and specials dialogues/attack sounds are played normally. I’m not sure if lack of cues is intended or not, but silent hero selection menu make me think this is a bug.
I’m using headset, default format is set at 16 bit 4800 Hz, Windows audio settings are set on “Stereo”, spatial sound is enabled, audio drivers are up to date, same audio settings as Vermintide 2 PvE.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Launch the game
  2. Select a career, no audio sfx
  3. Start a game of Versus
  4. Pick U5/Skaven side
  5. No audio cues on gatling gunner, globadier and flamer

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

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I’ve been able to speak with a developer who has given some clarification for this -

  • The missing Hero select sfx is known, as custom sfx needs to be created still.
  • For Specials, spawn sfx is also currently disabled when a player spawns as one. We’re looking into it, thanks!

I was following your instructions when i saw your clarification. Glad to hear it’s not a bug, sorry for wasting time.

No worries! Sorry for the delay and the red herring instructions - I did try to remove them in case you hadn’t seen them yet.