Sound is off. Some sound to quiet, Ever since the update!

Ok i will try to be as precicse as possable.

Ever since the update, the sound has beeen… off. for instance when the characters are talking, every other sound is basiclly none existant or extremtly quiet.
Example: In a fight its either all you can hear is your characters talking over the actual weapon sounds, or vice versa. Just play warcamp, and when they are nattering before the drop down, and you try to kill something, your weapon sounds and the those of the enemy are almost silent.

Another example. In the chaos wastes when the bolts of change hit, and tzneeth is laughing, if the enemy are attacking during this laughter, you cna the enemy are super quiet, and you have to wait for the sound file to finish im guessing and the sound normalises.

Hook rats are silent… again.
Even banter during the traversal of levels (both wastes and regular) Silences all other sounds.

Replicated this with my machine, and my partners. Some of my other buddies also complaion of the same thing.both the same issiue. Was fine before the patch.
its almost as if the sounds are compressed, and the sounds themselves have not been normalised well. as before teh update, the sound was perfect if you ask me.

Every other game is fine, speakers are fine, headset is fine (tested with other games, and videos) Its just as if the sound channels and the sound files are reversed, compressed. Worse thing is, theres nothing in the patch notes about the sound being changed even though they blatently have.

Can this be at least acknowledged as a bug? As teh sound is WAAAAY quiter then before, and during combat, its impossable to pick out special sounds now, and some enemys are now just silent.
GOd help you if you have specials, elites spawn during character banter or map events.

Still playing the abouslte life out of this game, as the gameplay is fine, just the sound has changed, and is pretty dire!

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