Sound delays on melee

For some reason, now more then ever (after the cosmetic patch) I get a lot of sound delay when using melee. It feels really weird. I mean like… I use melee on something, and instead of hearing the swing/slice noise, there’s just silence and then, 1-2 seconds later I hear the sound.

It’s almost as if the game sound could not keep up with the weapon. It is really disorienting, mainly duing hordes 'cause I can’t tell if I am hitting something or not. All I hear is this 1-2s delayed echo of my attacks.

Does anyone else experience this issue?

are you client or host? I’ve noticed that a few times before when I was client and the connection was bad.

ye, client.

Worth trying as host for a few if your computer can handle it, just to see if that fixes it.

I notice all kinds of wonky things on bad connections… want those dedicated servers!

Will try, but I don’t know. My friend is always the host and, up untill the last patch I didn’t have these issues.

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