Something about hats but it isn't concerning the drop rate

what’s the point
what’s the meaning to my endless grind

Hats should be specific to the career path (as well as weapon-items like the ‘Longbow’ which is only accessible to Kruber’s Huntsman class) so that players have the ability to grind towards a certain goal without the risk of deviation like picking a Mercenary class (before you open a box) only to get a longbow and the example of the class-locked hat above.

The point is that you can’t be a huntsman with a plated helmet. It doesn’t make sense and it looks weird. Still, the other hats Kruber has look really good and getting this one is just unfortunate.

I think he meant only looting only Merc hat if he’s Merc and not Kruber hats :slight_smile:

Ah yeah. Well in that it’d be too easy to get the hat you want though.

Yea sure too easy after the 0.00000001 chance to find a hat.

Hey I don’t have any hats at all. I’m just saying that if you were to only unlock cosmetics for your current class you could make sure that when you get a hat it’s the one you want. I’d just open knight boxes, that hat looks sick af fam.