Some weapon bugs - July 22nd Patch

  1. human 1h sword heavy attack did not receive headshot dmg buff. and l3 dmg got reduced significantly somehow
  2. elf 1h sword l3 did not receive headshot nor base dmg buff
  3. elf spear light stab damage did not receive buff
  4. sienna mace l2 now has the same profile as l1. and they are not halberd l3 but hammer&shield push attack/l3 (w/o crit)

that’s a lot of bugs.
I think I mentioned the 1h sword one but I didn’t know aobut the others.

  1. Krub bow doesn’t get headshot damage on charged shots with the guaranteed headshot buff
  2. Keri Greatsword still firing ghost pushattacks at 100ping with high aspd

We didn’t update patchnotes, but this is the intended change for wiz mace. However, the H1 is not a 2H Hammer light so it’s missing it’s role as the CW damage option.

As far as I can tell, no changes to existing weapon templates were implemented. Our mod copied over some templates (like 2H Hammer Lights being on 1H axe). Most of these made it in. However, any attack we created a new damage profile for seems to not be changed in the actual BBB. Makes it pretty hard to test and has been reported since day 1.


this was intended

People have been asking about inconsistent damage profiles (myself included) since the launch of the beta. Fatshark should either say it’s intended or that they messed up.

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Damn it I was running this with HS stacking headshot damage trying to clear hordes with heavies at headshot level like a mini executioner and I thought it seemed unchanged from live :cry:


@Brytarn So how many weeks into the beta before all the original changes work as intended?

How are we meant to give feedback on these weapon changes if they weren’t actually changed?

These bugs wouldn’t be an issue if not for the speed in addressing them. You guys have been really active which is great to see, but I don’t get why you’re making further balance changes before fixing the things that didn’t go through properly.

Another one I found: Dual Hammers have increased damage of diagonal heavies(higher than the overhead bop). please give this damage profile to dual axe heavies. No-one uses them over dual hammers anymore

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