Some things the BBB could also change

I see many nice changes in the BBB but i think some things could be made also better

Some properties are just plain bad. Like 10% power vs beserkers. How many of them do you even find on a map? i would say on legend and below there are 20 if you are lucky/unlucky. Way to specific.
A sollution would be either make the power % higher or remake it to something like stagger power against beserker is increased by …%. So it would be still niche, but may find some people who like it

Crit power is also something i always found hard to justify. Let’s do some math. Your attack does 100 damage, since a crit does 50% more damage the enemy loses 150 hit points . If you take the crit power talent, you should do 170 damage right? And thats were you are wrong. The crit power property doesn’t calculate from the 150. Instead it only takes the 50 extra damage from the crit into account. So 20% out of 50 are 10. This means with one extra crit power talent your crit does 160 damage. Let’s compare this to crit against a chaos dude with 10% more power. So you do 110 damage normal, this means a crit does 165 damage. See the problem here? Does more damage and it’s independent from crits, only good thing it affects chaos and skaven at the same time.
Why would i ever choose crit power over power vs race?
Only way i can see crit power work is maybe on pyro and some niche builds on bounty hunter/shade/grail knight
(Feel free to correct me here, but this was right the last time i did tests with crit power a year ago)
Sollution is to either buff the % or remake the calculation

Traits, yea they are discussed so much i know. But i think we all have to agree that we need some changes here.
Example: Resourceful Combatant should you give the most cooldown reduction. But with swift slaying you hit faster and thus you get almost the same cooldown reduction since each enemy hit makes you regen a bit (just stupid in my opinion)
Almost all traits are just plain bad, and thats the reason why swift slaying is the absolut no brainer, we need heavy buffs here.
Side note: i had once the crazy idea of making traits crit independent and to be honest i would love that. Like swift slaying gives you …% more attack speed at all times instead of the need of fishing for crits. Resourceful Combatant just makes you regain …% cooldown reduction on each enemy hit.
Ranged traits already have something like this. Barrage = non crit hunter version, for example

And of course i have problems with some talents, like slayers lv 10 row but i think i already wrote enough stuff for one topic

Edit: some grammatical errors. English is not my native language so there may are a few more, please forgive me :slight_smile:

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I definitely agree traits and properties are long overdue a rework.
I hope we get it next BBB, if not this one.
Maybe we could even get an entire BBB dedicated to traits & properties, to minimize the variables at play.

Yea i think we need the first BBB only for all talents, than the next one for weapons.
The third one should cover all traits and properties.

This would may take a long time but i think step after step is the best way to find the best balance.

Well, this one is pretty much for all weapons, and I’d say they actually did a pretty good job.
Some weapons are still kind of meh, but a lot of weapons finally have a place in the meta, which is great.

It looks like they’re aiming to rework some of the talents in this BBB and some of them in the next one, I just hope we’ll have one just for Traits & Properties.

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