Some QOL updates and wishlist

  1. Loadouts (including feats maybe even cosmetics)
  2. multi-sell/multi-craft
  3. have keybinds that lead to inventory/penance/friends list (I.E. “I” for inventory)
  4. please let us add scopes to certain guns a helbore with a 3x would be SOO nice but to add, adding attachments to guns would be super nice and convenient as we can use the same gun but add a flashlight if its a zone blackout mission instead of trying to roll for the weapon with good stats and flashlight.
  5. would love a manual to explain how certain systems work like crit.
  6. make scriptures glow like grimoires but instead of green give it a white/yellow glow
  7. give more incentive to do secondaries such as a guarantee weapon/curio drop.
  8. Please make crafting super accessible but also gated by experience. For example, Plasma and bolters’ blueprint/to craft should be readily available at 25-30. Can still be in rotation or roll for in store.
  9. Let us roll the store if we dont have something good.
  10. Rework the alt fire for plasma, sometimes you take damage sometimes you dont. I assume (hopefully) alt fires for all weapons will be explained in detail when game releases
  11. more interactions amongst characters

Really thats all i have so far because i think some stuff is being addressed (crashes, etc.) I love this game A LOT and wish you the best success. Cheers and for the emperor!

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