Some projectile weapons can fail to register a hit vs chaos warriors head

Longbow, Kruber’s Longbow full charge shots, saltz volley crossbow lights and Bolt Staff sometimes fail to register headshots on some warrior models heads, this seems to happen only versus idle warriors, but this could be wrong.
It happens mainly on the upward curved horned model, where one horn is missing, but also on the downard curved model.
It seems very random whether or not the shot fails to register, at times you can go tens of arrows landing every single one, and sometimes multiple will fail to register in short succession.
This may happen on more weapons than just those two and vs more models than the ones i mentioned.
To replicate spawn a warrior with the helmet mentioned and repeatedly shoot it in the face.
EDIT: I’ve been told handgun and crossbow can also whiff, but haven’t been able to replicate.

Videos take a bit to load before you can play them.

Thanks to Sadero for the manbow footage.

Satlz vollet crossbow lights:

Credit to Sadero.

Dwarf Crossbow:

Credit to Sadero.

Vs gatekeerp:

More credit to Sadero, this also begs the question if it does happen to non-idle warriors.

With ai enabled:

war camp chapter boss has same problem
projectile ranged weapon like crossbow, boltstaff failed headshot when he stand middle and turn around

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I have the same problem, its especially noticeable on stormvermin when they are side on, for some reason when this way hitbox is messed up. It’s been happening to me as long as i can remember

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