Some ""minor"" convenience QoL updates I would like to see in the future

  • Press either Space or Esc alone to skip the opening cutscene when the game launched. Right now you have to press both, which is weird and annoying.
  • Switch class in the ready phase. Sure, running 4 Vet is funny for the meme, but later on, it is becoming a serious issue as you DEFINITELY need other classes to make matches more flexible and bearable.
  • Chat during the pre-mission loading and at the ending cutscene. It would be nice to at least break the ice with your comrade before the mission start or say GG at the end.
  • Better visibility for class icons. I cannot identify who is Vet, Preach, or Witch both from the in-game UI and when loading on the ship. Either hang their class icon over their head or make the UI tell it straight out that we are running 4 Vet.
  • Toggle pressing option for aiming and blocking separately. Guys, this is 2022, please, is this too much to ask?
  • Ammo count for friendly, BY REAL NUMBER. Make more sense, right?
    Is there anything from this list that you guys are already working on? Please prioritize the toggle aiming. This is an FPS game, not having this option in 2022 is heresy. Thank you
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