Some melee not connecting on PS4?

Hi team. I watch a lot of YouTube videos (PC gameplay) and it looks like melee attacks connecting to an enemy are never an issue. On PS4 I feel I have to get so close to the enemy to hit, and then a lot of the time some of it misses even when I’m on top of an enemy. It happens often as well that there will be 1 single enemy (usually infantry) which I can’t kill at all with melee, one of my mates needs to do it for me. My mates have reported the same issue. Sometimes when I’m playing it just feels like bollocks to be honest and I think “how did that even miss!?!?”. It’s not always and most the time it’s fine, but all it takes is 1 enemy to ruin your 30 mins play through. This game is such a huge investment as you spend so much time on every match (anything from 25-40 mins). Like I said, it doesn’t happen always, but it’s often enough to frustrate. If someone could look into this it would be great. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m just rubbish and can’t hit an enemy right. Just so you know I’ve got 3 characters maxed and some legendary weapons, so I’m not a noob. I understand the game mechanics very well. Thanks!

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