Some criticism of purchasable cosmetics:

I like purchasing cool costumes for my character in games, and I have no problem with devs raising money that way as long as it’s a game I enjoy playing and the things for sale are only cosmetic items.

So as new costumes drop in the store I’m usually excited to look at them and see if there is anything fun I want to buy. So far, most of them have been pretty disappointing unfortunately. Just about all the costumes have something “wrong” with them that makes me not want to buy them.

I just wanted to write down my thoughts on all that so that maybe we get better ones in the future. I main Psyker, so those are the outfits I’ll comment on.

So, the first costume I wanted to buy was the Subject 314/219/Psi one, because it’s inspired by the actual Wyrdvane uniform, there are tons of cool illustrations of this outfit for sanctioned Psykers in various books, it’s just a real 40k classic. There are some serious issues with it though.
For one, half the uniform is simply missing. This is supposed to be a heavy coat that reaches down to at least the knee and almost looks like a robe when fully buttoned up. But this thing just stops at the hip. Given that the Vasti Hammerhand outfit clearly reaches down to the knees I don’t see why the Wyrdvane uniform couldn’t have its proper coat.
The metal collar also just looks goofy on this thing. I understand that it has to be there because the Psyker headpieces attach to it, but can this look at least half way comfortable? The Wyrdvane uniform is supposed to have a really tall collar, and I think it would look a lot better if this was more like the Gennery Vos outfit where the metal rail is hidden in the collar.

The Nasara Mindwalker outfit looks cool to me. Not my personal style so I didn’t go for it, but I can’t see any problem with it. The fact that it comes with two skins for ranged weapons is a bit odd. That seems to indicate to me that at an earlier stage of development the staff went in the melee slot. I’d love to have some melee staff variants, but that’s a different topic. Either way, the only point of criticism is that the hoses that go into the ellbow pads have some geometry issues, they don’t really line up.

The Vasti Hammerhand outfit is one I want to like. The coven collar is a classic early 40k design, cool throwback to a time when the visual language of the universe wasn’t as well established. Not sure if I’d wear it because it is kind of goofy, but I like the nod to classic miniatures. The general cut of the robe is really cool as well. Unfortunately this whole outfit is spoiled by the color. It’s literally called Sludge Jungle Camo, and yea, it does look like jungle sludge. If this outfit came in a nicer color I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Also it really makes me think that these outfits would have a much better value proposition if they just came in multiple colors when you buy them.

And then we have the Gennery Vos outfit, which is kind of a hot mess. The jacket is so awesome looking, like a noble or space pirate or something, I really love the look of it, but then there is this random piece of dirty canvas with ropes on it sticking out of it on one side. What the heck is that? Does he buss tables between missions? Is there a random bit of a sailboat stuck to his belt? If this was just a nice waistcoat in the blue and gold fabric it’d be an instant purchase.
The staff looks great. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure, but it stands out from other staves.
The pants, in my opinion just don’t go with this outfit, but ok, you can use different pants with it.
And the respirator is kind of a bummer too, because I like the tall metal collar, but then it’s all “Let’s cook, Jesse!”. That’s the second cool metal collar that is ruined by some weird thing on the character’s face, along with the preorder Psyker outfit.

The headpieces. Can’t really see a problem with them, just a question of personal taste. I bought the Spectus eye implant, and it looks pretty cool, but I would really like it if the metal portion didn’t twitch when the character blinks. Just lock that thing completely to the head of the character instead of any of the face controllers. A cyber eye should be completely static and not have any expressive qualities.

Well, there we go, I just wanted to rant about the cosmetics a bit, because so far I’ve been kind of disappointed by what’s on offer.