Some buffed weapons still don't feel competitive

I was excited to give it a fair go, so ran it with Huntsman with smiter, headshot damage talent and stacking crit to try to double down on the finesse buff it got, thinking maybe aiming the nice horizontal heavy slices at head height into a horde could give HS a good mobile horde clear option.

I dunno I just didn’t feel it, though I only did a couple of runs with it. Honestly even stacking as much as I could for headshots and getting what seemed like a pretty good headshot ratio in hordes it felt underwhelming and not even all that safe on Legend no less. Mind you if HS had Assassin and THP on cleave that might change things in their favour. For HS at least I can’t see a single reason I’d take it over, say, 1h Mace (even pre beta version).

I’m sure it’s good enough for Merc but that doesn’t count. I dunno which Kruber’s kit it even synergises with, or which one’s class identity it even matches with. To me it kinda feels like the clunkiness of using a 2h weapon (combo wise) but with none of the benefits.

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It’s quite the meme on FK with maximum attack speed. I had the same experience. It didn’t really feel that much better. I did notice the extra headshot damage on shielded SV, and that was it.

I think it’s supposed to be Huntsmen’s defensive horde clearing option, but as you highlighted Huntsmen gets by better with the Spear and the 1h Mace.

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I agree,

The Falchion still just is not up to snuff. I’ve said it before. Yeah it might actually be better for a Bounty Hunter than Rapier. But It still just leaves a lot to be desired.

I seriously think this needs to have Two things…

One… Light attacks need to be able to affect Super Armor again the way it was pre nerf. And it needs more stagger.

Cleave won’t do much good since you can’t catch that many in the weapon swings anyway. But Stagger would. Like the ability to knock away Chaos Shields.

On Another Note:
Over the past few days I went back and played a little Vermintide 1. I noticed that the Axe swings in that game are set lower on the screen so it was much easier to catch more targets in the swings with it… even though its got much less cleave in Verm 1 than it does in this game. I wonder if this might be a possible solution.

Both cleave 2 units at most

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To add to my original list:

Repeater Pistol
Still a meme.

Volley Crossobw (Shade)
Still a meme.

Throwing Axes
Still suffer a lot from slow reload and low ammo. Buffs don’t really help shore up these main weaknesses.

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Throwing Axes feel clunky and slow down game-play a lot.
I’ve made suggestions in [BBB] Ranger Veteran Fundamental Problems that should remedy those problems and offer more fluidity on Ranger Veteran.

Slayer solves a lot of Throwing Axe problems with mobility, stagger and attack speed (Increases throw and recall speed) Trophy Hunter also affects Throwing Axes. Still generally inferior to running 2 melee weapons.


The only one I can disagree with is the 1handed mace.

its niche sure, but its damn good when you build purely for it.

its my #1 weapon for Huntsman due to its combination of stagger and mobility (allowing me to reposition out of melee into a firing spot), as well as its easy headshots which combo with his headshot bonus damage.

Its also pretty damn good for a mobile Grail Knight build, you can 1shot stormies and due to its absurd attack speed you take only a smidge longer to kill other elites whilst having extreme movement.

Grail knight gets around its weaknesses of being boxed in by bringing along a sturdier weapon to get out of dense hordes.

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The elven axe has that flashy push-stab combo.
Except the combo deals about as much damage as a normal attack.

So in reality, there is little point.

It feels amazing. But the result doesn’t match what you see

And more stam. And more range. And more base damage on light attacks. It’s so far superior to elf sword in horde clear that I don’t really think that’s even the right comparison. Having said that, mace + sword makes 1H sword feel obsolete. You can use push stab chain to chain into sword lights with ms and then you have the better heavies. My question: how would you go about buffing sword for kruber? It’s amazing on wiz, but kruber has a g sword, mace sword, b sword and x sword. All the sword roles are kinda taken. In what way do you buff it that you don’t just replace an existing sword?


Tbh, I have been destroying with repeater. Idk why people think it’s weak.

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Why would you light attack cw’s?? The falchion heavies have pretty insane armor dps. At a certain headshot ratio, it becomes more armor dps than AF.

I don’t think it should exist. We don’t need another damn sword.

Edit: Actually I’d like an estoc for Saltz.

Falchion already does more horde dps than af. It also has more cleave. Does slightly less armor dps up to like 40% headshot ratio and then it does more from there.

Haha I didn’t even mention sns or bsns. He got like 15 swords and they all supposed to feel unique. Good luck. Tbh, it’s a decent mobility choice but I agree it’s not a competitive on anything other than some GK builds. It could be a good huntsman choice too if they gave hunts a cleave thp talent.


Maybe it just needs some tweaks/quality of life improvements?

Repeater Pistol generally feels fine it’s just the most appealing part of the weapon is extremely ammo hungry with little ammo return. Shotgun blasts expends 8 ammo but only returns 3 ammo on a scrounger proc (BH)

It recently got linesman, encouraging horde clearing but doesn’t have the uptime of similar use weapons (Grudge, Blunderbuss or volley - I know clearing speed isn’t the best on volley but it has the ammo sustain to provide continues fire.)


I run prize bounty with hunter on the pistol. I use the linesman for horde clear if nothing is around, but I usually prefer to kill a couple elites with it. I melee a ton with the build, so it might not be ideal if you like to play rapier BH.

Pretty much the same Repeater Pistol build I use. Though I generally feel coaxed into running a Hunter, prize bounty build because of the high ammo expense, low ammo return shotgun blast.

Unlike Volley crossbow tri bolt, the shotgun blast counts as 1 shot. I think changing it so it could be viable with scrounger builds might open some more build diversity right?

It might open it up to being absolutely insane lol. If you could maintain ammo w/ repeater, it would absolutely destroy. It’d basically be a blunder/Grudge Raker that crits all the time and one shots CW’s.

Also, post nerf, I’m pretty sure I’d rather be meleeing with Hunter up than spamming volley bolts and reloading. Volley horde clear is a big ol sad.

Of course not 24 ammo per shotgun blast lol.

Doesn’t have to count as 8 shots, 4 would bump it to 12 shots per scrounger proc. 1 and a half shotgun blasts worth of ammo per proc. Instead of 3 (24 ammo)

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