[SOLVED]Blood In the Darkness - Courtyard Sprint questions

My questions are:
When does the timer start in this challenge?
Should I go for Decanter or Concoction on Handmaiden for it, as I’m trying it solo?
What is the meaning of life?

Thanks all for your input, managed to do it. Now on to Enchanter’s Lair challenges… Oh mommy…


EDIT: Sorry, could not resist. But I concur with the question :slight_smile:

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Found this. I assume decanter is what you need and conc pots. I assume the person inthe video probably used No Escape and Impatience talents.


Timer start right after you open the first cage.
Decanter is usually a better option (though I did this one as Battle Wizard, not as Handmaiden) for these challenges.
There’s none.

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