Solo Pyromancer Leads to Depression

Recently have been prescribed Escitalopram and Welbutrin to deal with the day in and day out of a solo pyromancer. Also seeing a therapist and pyschologist about the trauma and it’s longterm effects.

All jokes aside I wish this class was easier to play WITH. Emphasis on with because Pyromancer Sienna is an powerhouse of destruction. The only problem is bots cannot cover her the way she needs to be covered and most players I encounter aren’t patient enough to let a Sienna main light up a horde/elites from a distance. This led me to a lot of solo play once more. Was having a pretty great time solo’ing as most other classes aside from some levels that might have thrown something nasty at me that I didn’t have an optimal composition for. But trying for 3 tome 1 grim runs with bots is a recipe for disaster and bugs with Pyromancer.

I feel it. im usually coming at it from the other side getting frustrated with a sienna or iB’s flame weapons that are preventing me from doing my job , not because of the player just the two class’s roles are in competition , they want me to sit back and do nothing , i want them to put the ranged weapons away and get the melee out when the horde gets to us so i can take over and do my job now.

Not criticising you or any player here the problem lies with FS they have diversified the roles and upped the power now they need to find a way to balance it all (and i talking about getting them to work together here not do equal damage)

But…but…I thought pyro was soooo OP?

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I definitely understand that frustration. I experience it a lot myself when it would be easier to just all 4 stunlock and squash a Chaos Warrior but you’ve got one or two people in back trying to shoot his tiny head hitbox.
I’ve learned to put the staff away in pubs for the most part. Dealing with the trash spread out through the level isn’t really necessary for Sienna to do when other characters could do it much quicker. Chop through trash, let people one-shot Elites with bows/guns, and the game goes much faster.
Where the beamstaff (A.K.A Sienna) really shines is when crap hits the fan in a terrible spot. Some places are absolutely awful to get hordes in. When a horde catches you off guard in a wide open spot it’s definitely a good tactic to just let Sienna shotgun/beam the whole horde while you cover her blindspots and deal with the specials she is too preoccupied to deal with.
I completely understand the feeling of uselessness/boredom that comes from situations where you have Sienna and an Ironbreaker just shooting down a long hallway that could easily be chopped through. Or the annoyance of constant near-harmless ticks of friendly fire that make you turn around to check your flank when you’ve got a Sienna or IB in back shooting all the trash before progressing.

I’m just hoping they finish the console port fast and get back to updating our stuff before I burn out on this game.

I’m not so sure its Pyro that’s the strongest Sienna Job.

This is a Legend Run on Into the Nest on Battle Mage with Conflag, and ALL I did was clear hordes the entire time…

I swear to god we must have wiped out an the entire Skaven Colony.

That is 2100 mobs killed by the team as a whole.

Yeah a Battle Wizard with a Conflag staff can do work on horde control. And I’d reckon Sienna is the best crowd controlling character in the game.

My gripe with Pyromancer is doing solo runs only to fail 1/3rd of the way through and for the scoreboard to read that I necked 600-700 rats and dealt 16k-17k while the bots are sitting there with ~100-200 kills and 2k-3k damage dealt. But bots and solo are a whole different can of worms. An adequate team makes all the difference.

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