So...what is the QA doing?

There is quite a few old timers here who love the Tide games for their core gameplay. Anyone who played Vermintide games knows Fatshark games tend to release with lots of issues and bugs, however I cannot help and notice the standards in Darktide seem to be even lower. Look at the recent Content Drop, literally every weapon released in that patch seem to have some issues.

So…what is the QA doing? I would imagine some sacrafices have been made to push out new content quicker, but is this way of working a good idea in the long run?


We are the QA.


Just looking at something like Sott release on vermintide, you can clearly see that they simply don’t have the time to test this crap before it get pushed to live game.
And god forbid they actually have to make some massive tweaks before deadline …

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Which is crazy because they already take such a long time to release anything. I thought they hired like 100 extra people after VT2, guess most of them are busy on the console port.

I have no source so this is purely speculation, but I don’t think Fatshark’s team grew much, if at all, from VT2 to Darktide. At the very least they were a smaller team to begin with. Darktide feels like it was treated as if a much bigger team was working on it schedule-wise though, which I don’t think was the right choice even if they did grow.

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QA? You mean those money wasters we don’t hire?

-some executive probably

They are laughing their asses off at the fact that Fatshark faithfully implements every dumb thing they suggest. Then they lurk on the forums to drink our tears. Then they get paid, clock out, and come home to their harem of femboys.

Life as a QA is good.

I haven’t tried the patch out (still on strike) but I would imagine this is the biggest reason for the quick updates. And it going from ~5000 to ~8000 concurrent sessions peak is honestly not that big. If 10 new free weapons dropped in VT2 I suspect it would be a much larger impact. Before this patch VT2 was still beating out a mostly brand new game.

They have the pressures of covering costs with dedicated servers but they also haven’t released new cosmetics or MTX, so who knows.

I am not an expert, but I suspect, if the RNG grind wasn’t so bad, that these new weapons would have generated a LOT more interest and player activity. But they are just diluting the loot tables even further if you’re looking for 1 specific thing.



Why so?

Since I am long past the refund window, I can only “vote” with my playtime. The biggest issue stopping me from playing is the “crafting” (the process and the ungodly amount of time and RNG to test various builds). If they removed the locks that alone would convince me to put a couple thousand hours into the game like I did with VT2. But siloing resources, not allowing name changes and player height (especially since the latter affects what cover you can use and shoot over) are also pain points for me. If they just said they would never address these things that would be great too since I could never look at forums or follow it anywhere else ever again. Instead, they keep me hoping with comments like “We are looking into it” and “fixing progression”.


Honestly I understand why they did this. Want to make your character “feel” more like a character. However I do think having a height modifer was a horrible idea, there should have just been a standard height and cover made around that size (or at the very least cover made around the tallest someone could be).

As for veto stuff, I get what you’re saying, however I’m kind of in the hopeless state where I don’t think anything will change what FS wants to do, and as a big 40k fan having a fun gory fps game is a dream cone true, especially with friends. Even while I don’t put in the hours I could, buy cosmetics, or have as much fun as possible, I still enjoy it for what it is. Not saying you’re wrong or should do the same, just explaining my position. Doesn’t help I’m a pessimist though, especially when it comes to “industry” side things lol.

For cover I, personally, would have even coded so that despite the height of the player “model” cover mechanically works as if you’re middle height, for what you can shoot over and hide behind… or at the very least warned players during player creation that it affects things other than aesthetics.

As for names, I feel like a lot of people made “meme” or joke names and probably regret it lol. I hope they aren’t using it as a key identifier in their database or something, I doubt it since people can have the same name.

Yeah, and I mean, no shame on people who play. Someone’s gotta get the numbers of how bad it is :P. Sometimes I think I will reinstall it and just try and ignore the bad… but then I just think about playing Vermintide 2 instead. And how much Darktide sucks to try and get blessings/ weapons I want. At this point even just everyone having the same gear and all weapons/curios being the same, with the same perks and blessings would even be an improvement for me. I just hate buying, selling, waiting, perusing store items, wasting crafting materials and bricking items, etc. Just thinking about it makes me go “actually… lets not play Darktide today”.

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I never got into VT 2 as much as I would have liked, which is probably the main reason I play DT instead. The first time I played VT 2 I pretty much had no idea how anything worked, so I’m sure if I went back I would be shocked at how horrible my weapons are lol. But at least in DT I have a couple of weapons that I was extremely lucky enough to get the t3 blessing rolls I want (evis, new T hammer, las gun, and I have an “alright” Heavy Sword). So in that regard its easier for me to get into DT than VT. As for me how I “protest” the game’s state is not buying cosmetics and recommending other people not to, although it doesn’t seem to help much.

Yeah that’s fair, Fatshark is notorious for obscure mechanics. There was a lot I had to stumble upon or find out from youtube videos or something (Like Rapier if you continue holding heavy it enters a second “stage” of more damage and it does like quad damage on headshots). Or moving faster with push attacks on dagger, or faster with heavy on bill hook and bretonnian long sword… or how some attacks in a chain have more crit, bleed, or poison (Light attack 3 in sword and dagger has 25% more chance to crit).

^Thank god for modders essentially.

But yeah, the main thing I liked about Vermintide 2 was getting everyone to level 30 and getting “300 power level gear” was pretty easy, getting reds not bad. The melee I think is still better in it. There’s a deed glitch (acknowledged by devs so now a feature) that’s still in the game I use to help new players farm items, friends or strangers.

But yeah, I get it. in your case your consuming server resources at least I guess :wink:

I feel like we have digressed from the initial discussion of QA though.

Probably because I’m new to forums, but is that much of a problem because it seems like there’s not much more to say? Seems like FS has a lack of QA, lots of new examples came in with the new content update, end of story? Or is it really frowned upon to have casual off topic discussions in a thread?

I dunno to be honest. I am not a frequent social media user at this point feels like a DM honestly. I don’t care either way, just feel bad for the OP. Whatever the custom is I will uphold.

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