So... this looks like something that should be a thing with engineer (also: minor engineering gripe)

I don’t know why, but somehow, he should fire the drakefire cannon shoulder-mounted.

Also, minor engineering gripe: See how Bardin operates the crank-gun’s “clutch-lever” (calling it this because it looks like the levers on my motorcycle ^^) with his right hand index finger and middle finger? A good engineer would mount the lever the other way around, so he gets best leverage with these two fingers (middle and index finger are, after all, the hand’s two weakest fingers, anatomically). FS pls fix nao :smiley:

As a musician, I ought to disagree completely. Also, who said anything about good engineering? :wink:

P.S. Too much Doom Eternal?

There’s a reason why cutting off your pinky finger has been a thing to prevent you from wielding a sword (the Yakuza in Japan still do this iirc) :slight_smile: You can grab and hold things pretty well with just your pinky finger and ring finger. You cannot with your index finger and middle finger.

I guess that’s why he’s an outcast! :smiley:

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