So... Are you guys just going to keep Swift Bow and Volley Crossbow the way they are?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes the state of these weapons. They’re both a weird spot, namely Swift Bow being a bad horde weapon with OK armor damage, essentially making it a Longbow-lite, and Volley Crossbow is back to being bad again due to its cleave being massively reduced.
It’d be a shame to have both of these weapons release in the state that they are right now.

There have already been great suggestions to fixing both of these weapons, so I’m not sure why they haven’t been implemented given how simple they are. I hope we can live in a world where someone uses these weapons as more than a meme :confused:


Swiftbow is more than Longbow-lite, because of it’s mobility. It was already good on WS before BBB, during the last iteration, it was waaay too strong. You could use it to replace Longbow and clear Elites/Specials/Horde more easily and safely.

In my opinion, they should make Hag a CC Weapon, like Conflag (but with an added move slow like WH:TW), and make Swiftbow the Horde clear/anti-unarmoured.

Oh, and keep the actual projectile DoT damage of Hag high, so it can still be used against Specials and stacking the DoT on Bosses.

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Got to ask, what volleybow nerf?
Compared to live it gets an ammo buff and cleave buff (0.15 to 0.2).

The few times i used it way anyway never as anti horde tool anyway.

It was originally buffed to 3.0 cleave, which some people thought was too much. IMO it was fine, and now with just 2.0 cleave it’s back to being downright terrible for horde-clear and as mediocre as always with Elites/Specials (it’s objectively worse than Crossbow/BoP for those tasks), so now there’s just no point in using it again.


Exactly. Live has less, as the patchnotes state. So its still a fair, but to me questionable buff.

It’s a question of breakpoints. If the cleave buff compared to live isnt enough for it to pierce any additional enemies other than maybe an extra slave rat, then it is effectively the same cleave as live.


No, not “exactly”. As I explained, it’s still terrible at horde clear and worse than other weapons at killing elites/specials, making it a pointless weapon that was originally buffed enough, but now is back to being a meme.

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I like this.

What if poison was more debuff oriented than DoT- let bleed be the DoT effect, poison could slow down enemies and/or make them deal less damage. The debuff wouldnt apply on FF, but you could also extend the AOE to compensate for the lowered damage.


That could be cool. I think as long as they keep CC some AoE and a decent amount of Boss damage, it should be good.

It’s worse than longbow at pretty much everything. It’s not like L-bow is immobile.


Try being a RP user, having your weapon falt out removed, because no more crit reset.

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On legend it seems still powerful.
Had one good WS yesterday. He just shot everything dead and only denser groups or hordes got in melee range.

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