Small Suggestion: Individual Armour-Class Icons for Hunter buff

Title. It would be neat if the 25% more damage against armour-class buff from the “Hunter” trait would display easily distinquishable icons for each armour class. Yes, I already hear people crying “git gud pleb” because you have to know what enemies you hit, but since you don’t get any kind of indication for some ranged weapons that indeed you have scored a critical hit (sienna’s staffs, drakefire cannon and since I am colour blind, it is sometimes hard for me to notice on weapons like blunder buss, graker or handguns) and you sometimes hit targets from different armour classes with one crit, this would be a very welcome QoL thing. I’d also suggest different colours (even though that wouldn’t help me tooooo much :stuck_out_tongue: ), but it would also be cool if the middle of the icon in the buff-tray would depict something unique in the form of silhoutte.
infantry: Just the outlines of some kind of mannequin.
armour: head of a stormvermin in front of a shield
super armour: head of a CW in front of a shield
berserker: maybe two axes crossed
monster: small leaping roger.



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