Small Backend Update for All Platforms

These fixes were rolled out last week for PC and this afternoon for Playstation and Xbox. Since this is a backend update, there should be no need for a patch download. These fixes will become active the next time you boot up the game.

  • Fixed the infinite loading for the advent calendar

  • Gave the advent missing rewards from last week as a sign-in reward for players that missed out on it due to the bug above

  • Fixed ‘Claim all Bögenhafen Cosmetics’ challenge not counting weapon skins bought through Lohner’s Emporium

Is there any update concerning the inventory space fix? Specifically, I remember for old players, like myself, it would require the intervention of backend engineers.
I hope it will be done in time for sienna’s arrival, as I’m all out of dust and I can’t open chests.


Not yet, but can ask about it tomorrow.

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I made a mistake and bought a few cosmetics with shillings…

Me too, but the big problem is weave weapons, i crafted them all, without knowing they take up space.

Any update?