Slayer ult sound/graphical effect and poison & clipping through hordes

  1. I dyed so many times to poison when his ult is active and Im in the middle of combat simply because I dont see or hear the poison. His ult is too loud and red.

  2. Happens more rarely but is even more dangerous. I jump to a downed ally in horde to save him but after landing Bardin magically slides through enemy bodies without clipping. I think 20m was the longest slide so far.

Both issues are very frustrating.

The sliding is a problem on slopes, you can make it happen in the Keep too. Rare occurrence for me, but very annoying and possibly dangerous when it happens.

The coloured overlay on the other hand, is a more common occurrence, and yes, it does make poison clouds very, very difficult to see. You can still make out the puddle on the ground, but that’s not always where your eyes are, and with a horde, that too gets covered up for a while. I also found raging in the forests of Athel Yenlui quite… interesting, as the red shade combined with the shadowy forest makes things in general quite hard to see. Some other shadier parts of the maps get affected too.

Thanks for clarification! At least I can now avoid the slides :slight_smile:

But the colored overlay combined with the loud noises is something that really lowers my survival rate while it should not.
And the loud sounds make it almost impossible to hear specials beside all the bone cracking and combat noise when fighting a horde.

The slide can still happen on level ground. It just happens to happen more often on slopes. The overlay and color during hordes is a problem. Double Axes having such a tiny hitbox is also a problem. I can’t even name the number of times I’ve done a push attack and only a single axe hits, it’s infuriating.

Especially on legend, where being able to land these attacks can be the difference between a dead stormvermin/chaos chosen and a dead you

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