Slayer Mohawk

Hi guys,

Looking for some advice.

I have recently started playing as the Slayer on Xbox One X and have noticed that his Mohawk is constantly in motion, almost like it is being buffeted by a VERY strong wind. Has anyone else noticed this or mentioned it as a bug? I had a look around the forums and couldn’t see any info on it.

Is this something that i should report as a bug or is it likely the Fat Shark community dudes will pick up on it?

Thanks for any help on this


This is literally the LAST thing on FS list of bugs, if it even is a bug. I’ve never noticed, and all I play is slayer.

Believe me it’s a bug. I would imagine it’s also up to the devs if it’s the last thing on their list. I assume you have an Xbox one X too, it’s odd that it’s visible to me and not you if that’s the case, I wonder if I have some settings that may have caused it.

I’m on PC, so it’s probably a console bug. All you can do is report on their official bug forum.

A way greater Issue, he isn’t big enough.

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