Skittergate Technology Inconsistent

Since first playing Skittergate, I have had a personal goal to bring as many barrels as possible back through the Skittergate to the final fight.

After an extremely successful run last night, my personal best of 4 barrels would have been smashed; however, the group was foiled by the non-sensical technology of the Skittergate. While the Skittergate allows living things to enter, along with anything they carry, it does not let you throw items/barrels through on their own.

This frustrating feature means that what was to be a 7 barrel run was ruined, as three barrels had to stay behind to take on the hordes of chaos workshippers.

As every barrel was a hero in its own right, I will now summarise the journey they took:

Barrel 1: The lazy barrel that is always present in the boss room. Very little needs to be said about this absolute unit. He ignited the others in the final fight.

Barrel 2 and 3: Both barrels can be found immediately after going through the Skittergate. They were left at the entrance to the gate to be collected on our way back.

Barrel 4: The most well-travelled of the barrels, this barrel was with us from just before the 2nd tome (when you drop down into the ice cavern). I like to think he was one of the explosive barrels to make it to the end.

Barrel 5 and 6: These barrels were liberated from the ship graveyard and joined Barrel 4 in his journey to deal minimal amounts of damage to the boss.

Barrel 7: Found in the camp around the third tome. Despite her late inclusion in the group, her tenacity was unmatched.

At this stage, we had 1 barrel in the boss room, 2 at the gate and 4 being carried by the party. After kruber chucked one off the lift by mistake, we were down to 3 and had to pick up the spare barrel in the final gauntlet. 2 brave souls died during the process of getting them to the gate but by this time the elf had already run ahead and confirmed that they would have to be left behind.

In the interest of adding insult to injury, Kruber forgot to bring his barrel through the gate, leaving us with a grand total of 4.

In conclusion, the technology of the rats is stupid and should allow inanimate objects not attached to living entities to go through.


Well they probably could implement that throwing the barrel into the Skittergate would result in the barrel teleporting into this “warp world”, might work similar to throwimg them to the doors or to the Doomwheels.

Should be the top of their list of things to implement in the game. A new crafting system can wait!