Skippergate: bots cannot cross the skittergate, both ways

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:
    botting, 3 human player 1 bot
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence
    next time I play it, I’ll take a shot

Seems that Kru bot always get stuck right before crossing the skippergate, it happens both ways.
The only way to overcome this is that one of the player, leave the game to get a kru char, cross the skippergate and then go back to the other char.
Happened also in quicks, where a new player come in on the wrong side of the skippergate, while we were already at the 1st boss drop.

I was using Kru, this happened on the first gate cross.
The dwarf was stuck again, so I left the game, logged in the the dwarf and here is the place where it was waiting

and on the right side

then, I logged in with Kru and kept playing
once we reached the second skitcross, again, go out, get the dwarf, come back

it’s freaking annoying.

Another picture, this is where the bots are stucked

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