Skeleton problems

They seem to attack the target I’m attacking so I’m unable to send them on errands if I’m attacking something else in the meantime. Also they teleport next to me if I’m sending them far away to catch a special. Any chance we get to choose the skeleton AI behavior? It obviously hasn’t been designed with versus in mind.

I think that works against the idea behind the skeletons, which is primarily a body block and weak stand in for a bot. You can only reasonably separate yourself from what they’re doing by telling them to defend and then not walking the relatively short distance away where they switch back to following automatically.

Also I really do not see what damage they would inflict to a player controlled specialist. Do they even stagger them without catching them with the bone breaker buddies dash, which would still be possible regardless? I never notice them interacting with specialists otherwise really. I think the ‘designed for vs’ aspects of the other classes could use a look at, but this last balance patch really made WP/SoT less obnoxious to play against. I could only imagine how annoying it would be if you could place skeletons freely ready to knock players down.

They kill specials fast so long as they can reach them. I think the problem is that they are useful as general anti-horde units for pve or against melee elites, whereas versus has a low horde density so I’d like some more distance between me and the skeletons to reach the specials.