Sistor of Thorn Cosmetic Upgrade Unavailable for Purchase?

Currently I am unable to purchase the Cosmetic Upgrade for the Sister of the Thorn on steam for whatever reason. I tried looking on Steam. I tried clicking the “Acquire” button in game, which just opened steam to the same previous screen. It is simply unavailable for me. I had a friend that said it may be due to my region but that seems a little absurd.
I’m in the Eastern US, Michgan to be precise.
This is an image of my store page:

My screen before I click acquire:

After I click acquire:

Any assistance would be nice.

Hi @TenacitatemSors,

This appears to be an intermittent problem that affects some players, and seemingly ‘fixes’ itself a short while later. Are you still unable to see or purchase the Sister of the Thorn Cosmetics Upgrade now?

It’s a rather strange issue, but we’re aware and looking into it!

In some regions, prices can drop below Steam’s pricing threshold which can also result in a DLC being unavailable to purchase, though I’m unsure if this is the case here :thinking:

Hello Lev,
I had checked when I saw your reply before and wanted to wait a week before responding.
It is still unavailable and has been for atleast 2-3 weeks now. If you’re saying it will fix itself that is fine. All the other Cosmetic upgrades are there (Grail Knight, Warrior Priest, etc) just not Sister of the Thorn.


Hi @TenacitatemSors,

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Regrettably, there isn’t anything we can do to immediately resolve this, but we’ll reach out to Steam and hopefully have it sorted in the near future.

In the meantime, this issue does appear to be sporadically popping up and resolving itself in most cases, so do keep checking!

Truly sorry for the inconvenience while we get to the bottom of this.

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