Sister of the Thorn

Z for weapon inspect
X for 3rd person view

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She’s absolutely gutted my enjoyment of the game with how incredibly brain dead easy she is to play combined with her strength. I play with a group of friends and one of them wanted to play her, and the difference between him playing somebody else and playing her is night and day. Watching a boss get deleted just because he slaps it a few times (Not even doing anything special, half the time just soaking a hit because he can kill the boss faster than it can kill him on Legend) and watching those stupid thorns impale any troublesome elites just feels awful as one of the other people on the team. As has been said a ton already, radiant inheritance is a massive issue, but I think a lot of her talents are just troublesome in general. (EG: Isha’s bounty essentially being a permanent 15% power boost with natural bond)


Let me ‘like’ this more then once


If “Damage is for the Weak”
SotT is very weak indeed :smiley:

I’ve had, as most of us, a ton of fun running SotT at the weekend. Both new weapons are fun and powerful (too?).
I guess I have an issue with her description - support, really? Maybe she can’t delete bosses in 2 seconds, but does that make her support? She almost always dominates the dmg chart and kill count.

I’d agree with the crowd that says that radiance buff should be nerfed. Duration of 15 seconds means that it’s up 1/4th of the whole map, it’s short CD means that you can pop it up on every horde, every boss and most troublesome encounters.
Make it a lvl 35 talent - thornwall replacement - then it might be fine.
Or make it give her randomly one of the buffs - damage or speed or finesse - not and.

If you choose not to deal any damage - yeah.
However you can do your CC in under a second and still deal more damage than GK & Bers combined.
That’s not a support-oriented career. It’s a DD monster who can also CC…

You do know that you can remap everything?

What do you mean by that? What do these caps represent?

AFAIK it works just like Bardin’s throwing axes.

It seems to me that they are more witches/huntresses than brutes like grail knights - it has little sense that she’s so butch.

I don’t think that he disliked it either. It’s more about balance. Sienna’s staff feels (and probably is) less powerful or less useful. Thorn staff’s alt fire insta cc is awesome for disabling distant specials. Sienna has to pull off a quite hard long distant headshot with altfire to do the same.

This, though, looks more like trolling. She cannot tank better than IB, she goes down in a couple of good strikes on Legend and she’s not going to win the map single-handedly.

Oh yeah, kudos on the achievements.
Some of them look tough, but reasonably tough, no hitting a pink roger in a tutu with a crimson parasol on Tuesday…
They could’ve thrown something on top of those garbage coins maybe?

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Yes, which is why I was replying directly to someone who wasn’t sure what the default keys are/were.

I wasn’t referring to her tanking ability. I was referring to her ability to kill a boss faster than it kills her. That’s not trolling.

Please comprehend the post before screaming “troll.”

As one example since I haven’t recorded it myself.

She is insanely busted.


I’m not sure if you’re disagreeing with me here or what, I said that in my post lol

Feels balanced now. :laughing:

Still slaps way to hard and its overshadowing most of frontliners and typical damage dealers

But its mostly how easly she can stack insane amount of bleeds with very high damage for cheap

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