Sister of the Thorn frames

I genuinely think there was a mix-up there. Having the complete Queen of Thorns frame off the get-go, unlocking the Sister of the Thorn frame by finishing Helmgart Recruit and Priestess of the Thorn with all her challenges seems weird.
I understand you caved regarding other cosmetics and I disagree with that but why not give all of them if you’re going that way ? Why lock the lamest ones behind challenges ? I don’t understand.


Yeah, it is a little odd that you are given the most ‘complete’ version of the frame right off the bat… they’ve given us everything else without need to complete challenges, the least they could do is make the frame progression a little more ‘worthwhile’, beyond the fun of doing the challenges in the first place.
Either way, it’s not a huge issue, but it would be nice for them to be swapped around.


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