Simple suggestions for crafting overhaul

Rerolling weapons is tedious.
Craft materials serve very little purpose in the late game (excluding reds).
Deeds are fun; I prefer completing hard deeds to full book runs.
I’m always trying to introduce friends to the game, so low level deeds are very valuable to me.

Here are my suggestions; I’ve tried to make them as simple as possible.

Regarding Attributes
Give us little check boxes next to weapon attributes that say “lock”.
A locked stat will not reroll.
Using “lock” doubles the cost associated with rerolling.

Regarding Traits
Change traits from random to “cyclical”.
Expending an orange dust advances the current trait by one along the cycle.
E.g. Parry -> Resourceful Combatant - > Swift Slaying -> Heroic intervention -> Off Balance -> Opportunist -> Parry…

Regarding Deeds
Allow Players to craft Deeds .
Crafted deeds should be random.

Suggested cost for crafting deeds as follows:
Recruit : 10 scrap
Veteran: 10 scrap, 10 Green
Champion: 10 scrap, 10 green, 10 blue
Legend: 10 scrap, 10 green, 10 blue, 10 orange
Cataclysm: 10 scrap, 10 green, 10 blue, 10 orange, 1 red

Allow players to reroll deeds at 50% above listed cost, rounded down.

I think these changes would make your community very happy.
In my dreams, they wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.


i could get on board with this

A thought crossed my head, and I just wanted to put it out there. If folks dig on it, I will edit the main post to include it.

Problem: Right now, the winds of magic do not feed back into the main gameplay loop.
Solution: Let us use essence to create our own deeds, using a variant Athatnor.

Now we have both a way to create the deeds that we want and a extrinsic motivation to complete these winds of magic levels.

Here’s my solution, which I posted in the Beta but nobody can read that now so here it is.

  1. Essence is used to permanently unlock attributes/weapons/skins/everything via the athonor.
  2. In addition to the existing Weave functions, once they are unlocked properties and traits could be rolled onto normal weapons by using Scrap/Dust.
  3. The dust cost would be very high, like 100 dust or higher, to completely roll an item. This is justified because it circumvents the normal loot system.
  4. Red (veteran) items have the special property of only needing 10 or 20 dust to re-roll, allowing them to keep their special place as the best item to reroll with.
  5. The normal loot and crafting system do not need to be touched, this blends seamlessly into it.

Let me see if I’m reading this correctly.

You assert that once a weapon has been made in the Athatnor UI, the player should be able to pay a significant amount (using dust/scrap) to generate a version of that weapon that can be used in the core game. Did I get that right?

If so that seems to address some of the crafting issues – though it wouldn’t solve them for people who don’t have the expansion (as we do). I don’t know that I read this as being “unfair”, but the idea that I would gain a core functionality (i.e. perfect oranges without rerolling) while they stayed at the mercy of RNG doesn’t entirely sit well with me.

All the same, I think its a reasonable suggestion. Though I expect the wouldn’t give us Red items this way; rather, perfect oranges that can have illusions put on them. I’ve come to respect that a non-trivial portion of the community wants Reds to be (arduously) earned.

I would still like a way to generate deeds, because we all kinda love doing deeds. When I’m getting a friend into it, I find that I can still have fun with them on veteran if we’ve got vanguard, next wave, and/or seek and destroy.

This is by no means an either/or situation – we agree there needs to be some tie in between winds and core, and (as you point out) there are many viable options.

That’s right.

I know it’s ‘expansion only’ and kind of unfair, but FS is still a business and it gives value to the expansion that IMO it doesn’t have. I would pay the asking price for a good crafting system, but I have no interest in weaves, so I haven’t bought WOM because it’s not valuable to me.

I see deeds as a separate issue, but they are in much need as well.

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Just drop the RNG nonsense. i don’t think anyone is into it at this stage. Let us have our red stats and drop those red skins more often. Its just ridiculous at this point to be saying ‘no, we do really expect 1000+ hours to completely kit a single hero properly’.

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