Silver Towns in Vermintide 2

Please think about adding the silver Towers location.
About 20 rooms that randomly fall out and for each room there are their own mobs.
Blogadar to this, it would be possible to introduce new races like Norsk Northerners, lizardmen, Orcs , Skaven and others

I don’t think that place exist in Fantasy. Maybe you’re confusing with Silver Pinnacle ? Which is a lost Dwarf Karak which is currently the seat of power of Neferatta and the Lhamian Vampires

I don’t know what Blogafar mean so I’m not gonna say anything about it, but:

  • Norsk Northeners: Norsca ? Basically here with the Rotblood (They are Norscan)
  • Orcs: They are as likely (if not more) to fight the Rotblood Alliance than the U5 (And during the ET they somewhat fought with the Order Alliance against Chaos)
  • LM: They are strictly Order, they don’t like Chaos and Skaven

Realistically they can only bring 1/2 other sub-faction (Hopefully they instead bring reinforcement for the already present factions):

  • Undead: ET Spoiler Drachenfels/Nameless join chaos after some point with a possessed Isabella VCarstein
  • Chaos Undivided: Chaos Marauder (May be too close to Rotblood) and Undivided Deamons
  • Chaos Marked (Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeentch): Chaos Marauder but other type and colour from the Rotblood; Marked Beastmens (And possibly Beastfiends) and Deamons
  • Warrior of Chaos (Norscan: already done, Kurgan and other tribes)
  • Cultist (Easier to link the list)

If by Silver Town you mean the game Silver Tower then, it’s another beast in and itself, since it’s a mobile Strategy game (Turn by Turn) that doesn’t has great graphics or a Table Top game

Я имел ввиду компьютерную версию Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower реализованную в Vermintide 2.
Silver Tower of Tzeentch это большая возможность экспериментов с игроками.
Множество игроков ждут Versus of Vermintide, но это сложно балансировать.
Так как Tzeentch бог перемен и обмана, игроки по сюжету например, проходя через портал в Silver Tower теряли связь с телом и их сущность вселялась бы в тело воина Хаоса, пулеметчика, метателя варп-огня и т.д. И пыталась бы пробиться через орды своих соплеменников либо по одиночке, либо вместе в лабиринтах Tzeentch. Что бы вернуться в свое тело и победить особых последователей бога обмана. Я бы с удовольствием поиграл за воина Хаоса! Извините за мой русский

I was referring to the computer version of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower implemented in Vermintide 2.
Silver Tower of Tzeentch is a great opportunity to experiment with players.
A lot of players are waiting for Versus of Vermintide, but it’s difficult to balance.
Since Tzeentch is the god of change and deception, players in the story, for example, passing through the portal to the Silver Tower, lost contact with the body and their essence would inhabit the body of a Chaos warrior, a machine gunner, a warp-fire thrower, etc. And I would try to break through the hordes of my fellow tribesmen either alone or together in the labyrinths of Tzeentch. To return to your body and defeat the special followers of the god of deception. I would love to play as a Chaos warrior! Sorry for my Russian

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