Sienna's career health values

Does amyone know the base balue of health for each sienna career?
Been enjoying a lot of BW as of late with its ult and block cost but it feels that 3 rat stabs kill me…

100 for BW and Pyro, 150 for Unchained.

And is there such a thing as damage resistance differences?

Unchained converts 50% of damage taken into overcharge, so she essentially always takes half damage if you manage your overcharge properly. Other than that and a few situational talents, not really.

BW is definitely squishy, gotta make the most of that block cost reduction and block a lot. I use the fire dagger and the block cost combined with high mobility are really helpful for getting out of sticky situations.

I’ve been loving the class as well. Now that the ult can stagger even bosses it’s a lot more useful!

IB and FK has DR passives, Slayer and Zealot have DR talents and you were already told about Unchained.

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