Sienna unchained rework suggestion

tell me if you think something is too powerfull or powerless.

as spécified on discord, the power boost lvl 20 is better if it’s melee only, to make distance weapon less over power, and the overheat go to 0 heat (60s cooldown) need a more longer cooldown like 120s to not be use as a reset for spaming distance.

When I open that pic on my phone it’s way too blurry to actually read. Am I dumb or is the image just low quality?

Can’t really give feedback if I can’t read it.

i don’t get the problem on my phone, so… i don’t know

I don’t have the Imgur app, are you viewing it through your browser or the app? Don’t have the app so maybe that’s why it’s low quality for me? Doesn’t matter if I open it in new tab or whatever it’s still unreadable :slightly_frowning_face:

As a side note, have you read the many UC threads that have already been posted this beta? If not I highly recommend doing so before continuing with suggestions.

yeah, i read many of these, and they say the same thing, health to cooldown is ok but need to be rework cause it’s a godtier talent and other talents on the same lane aren’t that worth to take

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Yeah it just needs a little nerf then UC would be perfect. I strongly disagree it’s a no brainer talent as is unless you’re just bad, honestly, though it’s definitely a bit too strong.

Simple fix, using the Ult while under the effect of health to cool down disables your LVL 30 talent. That’d balance the row and UC would be well balanced (except chain reaction).

i gonna try to upload the image on another web site, any recommandation ?

Dunno sorry maybe it’s just me. Let’s see if anyone else has trouble viewing it.

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