Sienna Suicide Build

Hey guys Im enjoying the game so far (buggy firewalk aside). But I am very concerned. I’ve checked the forums and strategy guides for sienna and I am having trouble finding gear and abilities that enable a suicide explosive play style for Sienna.

Is Sienna’s suicide build coming in DLC?

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lul wut


Aqshyhu akbar?


You’re better of taking dwarf for such a build, since IB has access to 80% DR.

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I don’t get the question… are you actually trying to make her overcharge and explode? On higher difficulties, you can only go down once before you are on black and white. I would suggest just getting to lvl 12 and unlocking her Unchained class. That classes ULT ability is an explosion.

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Oh hell any Sienna job can do that.

That was me last night blowing myself up 3 times in one game… (yeah really bad night)

Couldn’t believe it, normally I might make an oops like that after playing a good 6 hours or so in a row but last night my head just wasn’t on straight. Was actually embarrassing how poorly I played last night.

Look at his name. Come on guys…

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