Sienna - Mace still seems to under-perform

I have a soft spot for Sienna’s mace - it looks absolutely amazing. However, (to me) it is still just not viable on Cataclysm, compared to Flaming Flail, Flaming Sword, Dagger, etc.

The heavies seem to not hit as hard - on armored mobs, they seem even worse - even with headshots. I don’t have the actually numbers, (someone please enlighten me if I’m pretty much spewing nonsense) but the charge-heavy attack and the first over-head on her combos are the only things that seem like I can manage with.

I sound greedy, because I know this weapon got a good number of buffs, but it just still feels flimsy. Honestly, at this point, I would be even ok with slowing the attk speed by 30% in-favor of buffing it’s dmg by that much.

Just my thoughts.

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The heavy 1 attack was supposed to have the damage profile of a 2HH light. But like several changes, this didn’t accurately make it into the beta. This would improve the dps against CWs with H1 by about 26%. On Pyro, you’d probably still want to opt for the 1/2 combo because of stunlocking with crits. In general, 1/2 block cancel should be your single target dps combo for anything that isn’t a CW. H1 qq would be CW (Ifprofile gets fixed). Horde combos are started with push stabs into heavies or lights.

Edit: currently 1/2 are the same damage profile as 1h hammer or mace attacks 3 & 4 which is also the same as a 1h axe light attack.

H1 is the same as a mace heavy.


Agree with OP that the mace is still currently underwhelming, infact it feels even worse vs armor than it used to (though this might be my imagination).

I really wish this weapon was just a clone of bardin/kruber hammer/mace. The 1h hammer/mace has way better stagger making it easy to control elites in mixed hordes with a pushattack, and follow up with a quick heavy to chunk it. Sienna mace doesn’t seem to stagger elites with light/pushattack, and any follow up attacks come out much slower than a 1h hammer heavy attack while doing less damage. Terrible.


As FS asked some months back I hoped for a rework to make it some kind of hybrid between shields and 2H hammer to enable a more push and smash style because Unchained has the talents for that build but no weapon to actually play it -_-


Wow I had no idea! This explains a lot. Hopefully this will eventually arrive in the beta at some point

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